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  1. I am using Windows XP and IE 6. I restored defaults from the Advanced Tab of Internet Options and restarted my PC. No luck.
  2. I just downloaded SuperAntiSpyware two days ago and ran a scan and cleaned my machine. It did a great job getting rid of the problem Malware but immediately afterwards, I was no longer able to log out of yahoo mail. I let it go because that's not a big issue, but I have seen a few more issues popup with Internet Explorer. For example, along with being unable to sign out of Yahoo mail I cannot sign out of my online banking site. Also, my wife is also having problems editing her Blog. (I haven't seen the problem she's having yet, so I can't give any more detail until she shows me.) In general, however, has anyone else experienced a problem where some links on a page just don't seem to respond? I'll try to get some more concrete information as I narrow down what does and doesn't work, but any suggestions would be appreciated until then.
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