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  1. Yes, I've used SAS on several computers that had desktop hijackers and SAS always removes them when nothing else works. In the "Scanning Control" tab under "Preferences," disable ALL the options except: Close browsers before scanning Scan for tracking cookies Resolve Links/Shortcuts during scan (*.lnk) Terminate memory threats before quarantining This WILL cause SAS to scan much slower, but it is also more thorough.
  2. If you haven't found a solution, I had the same problem yesterday. Here's what I did: 1. Boot into Safe Mode 2. Run msconfig 3. Select "Selective Startup" and uncheck everything except ""Load System Services" 4. Click OK and restart into "normal mode" 5. You should now be able to install and run SuperAntiSpyware 6. When done, run msconfig again and select "Normal Startup"
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