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  1. Is superadblocker a dead product. I've been waiting for it to NOT include SAS in it, and I have noticed that the site has not been updated at all or the product. You guys were saying that you were in the process of removing it for a LONGGGG time. And you have said that it would be updated which has not happened. So what is up?
  2. This is taking so longggggggg... any news??? I've been waiting for like a year at least.
  3. I dont get it. I have been waiting ALL YEAR for this and u guys haven't delivered yet. I mean honestly, how hard is it to take sas OUT of sab? It's not like u are adding a program INTO it; you are taking one OUT. It shouldnt take THIS long to remove an add-on from a program. I seriously would buy sab if it didnt have sas and was for a reduced price, but I have a sas pro lifetime license so what good would the sas add-on for sab be for me?
  4. I know its in development, but it has been in development for a LONG time. When can we expect to see SAB w/out SAS. Come on, its not THAT hard to take a program OUT of a product.
  5. i'd like to point out two things. The article was from PC MAG not PC World. Also, the test was for version 3.7 not 3.9, so who knows what the actual test would result in now. This article is no longer relevant for the reviews of current products (meaning its too old).
  6. i would use both spywareblaster and SAS. Spywareblaster PREVENTS spyware from infecting your computer, while SAS locates and CLEANS spyware from your computer (although the professional version has realtime scanning to prevent spyware from infecting your system, the free version does not). I have the pro version of SAS and still use spywareblaster. You can never be too safe in my opinion, and spywareblaster doesn't take up system resources.
  7. lol...i only asked if there was a projected release date. A "no" would have sufficed.
  8. lol i know it will be ready when it is ready, but i'm wondering if there is a projected release date??
  9. I was just wondering when 4.0 is set to fully come out? And btw Nick, not only do I recommend SUPERantispyware on the avast forums to help people with adware problems, but I also notice the avast forum admins mention you guys first as well. Your product seems to be the top free antispyware program that is recommended by a lot of experts. Keep up the good work.
  10. Is there any new info on, "a version of SUPERAdBlocker without SUPERAntiSpyware so the SUPERAntiSpyware Professional users can have the "best of both worlds" so to speak"? I've been waiting for this with baited breath. I really want to get SAB, but I have SAS pro and dont feel like spending that much for something i already have. Are u guys still working on a standalone of SAB?
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