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  1. I think it is good to let the user deside to disable or enable this thing. I will look forward to this in a version in the future. You have made a very good Prof. program. I love to tell my frinds about the free version and hope the will by the Prof. This is the last input from me. Thanks. Close the question.
  2. Sorry to ask this, but why is it a waste of system resources. I use time to remove it because I do not want to have this tracking cookies when I use the internet. I can understand that some cookies are good ex. my account. The tracking cookies are not good for me at all.
  3. It's a waste of system resources - we may add the option in the future, as most people don't understand that cookies are not really harmful. I do not understand it, why do the program remove it when I scan after visiting the sites, why not before.
  4. Why don't SuperAntiSpyware stop adware tracking cookies in Real Time Protection.
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