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  1. I have an AdWare that seems to launch the Internet Explorer process on login but it's not visible except in Task Manager. Every so often a completely borderless full black screen will appear with a very small long rectangle with an ad in French. It basically says to pay attention for 30 seconds. During this 30 seconds with the full black screen I can't ctrl+delete or alt+tab or printscreen. I seem to be totally captured while it does its thing. It appears that if I manually kill the Internet Explorer process as soon as I login I have no problem. Has anyone seen anything like this before. Sorry for the lack of details but this is all I have. I've run virus scans as well as other Sypware programs and nothing is picking it up yet. If I can provide more details let me know what you need. XP sp 2 +patches IE 6 with all the latest security patches Thanks Ducker
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