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    Life after AVG Free

    -- I am also still on 98se--as when I got this Xp were having the problems that Vista is having now--it still works fine--although I am STILL on dial up as well but hope to update to XP in about May
  2. Jane

    Greyed out icon ?

    I downloaded this Superantispyware--the other day seems to work fine BUT the icon is greyed out--should this be so ? if not what can I do to fix it please. Thanks
  3. Jane

    Greyed out icon ?

    No, it shouldn't be. I'm using the free version and mine isn't. What have you got ticked in your preferences? I've got all 4Start-Up Options ticked as well as setting the program not to scan when SAS starts. -- How do I change the preferences ? I also have the free version. Thanks
  4. Jane

    Greyed out icon ?

    Sorry that was to be --time not tome--
  5. Jane

    Greyed out icon ?

    So is the "beetle" in the bottom tray --where the tome is suposed to be greyed out also ?
  6. Jane

    Greyed out icon ?

    In Lay persons words--The SuperAntiSypWare icon-- (looks like a little beetle) in the task bar