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  1. -- I am also still on 98se--as when I got this Xp were having the problems that Vista is having now--it still works fine--although I am STILL on dial up as well but hope to update to XP in about May
  2. No, it shouldn't be. I'm using the free version and mine isn't. What have you got ticked in your preferences? I've got all 4Start-Up Options ticked as well as setting the program not to scan when SAS starts. -- How do I change the preferences ? I also have the free version. Thanks
  3. Sorry that was to be --time not tome--
  4. So is the "beetle" in the bottom tray --where the tome is suposed to be greyed out also ?
  5. In Lay persons words--The SuperAntiSypWare icon-- (looks like a little beetle) in the task bar
  6. I downloaded this Superantispyware--the other day seems to work fine BUT the icon is greyed out--should this be so ? if not what can I do to fix it please. Thanks
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