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  1. Had to re-install SAS Pro , things started to get worse. Everything is ok now
  2. No , i would like to find out if there is a cure for the problem before i go down the re install path
  3. Task Manager works ok when the pc starts after shut down
  4. hi Recently when SAS pro has finished scanning and reported that nothing was found , when i click the exit button SAS sits in the system tray and locks the computer.I cannot access task manager to shut down SAS , no other programs will work i have to use the off power button to force a shutdown. Any help willbe appreciated. Compaq Presario Laptop Windows XP Home (fully up to date) Nod 32 AV version 4 SAS Pro (Fully up to date) real time protection on Thanks Geoff
  5. Thanks for the feedback , i have installed the new version of Nod and so far everything is ok
  6. OS Wndows XP Service pack 3 Hi i have been running Superantispyware Pro for several months in conjunction with NOD32 V3 with no problems , however i have had to reinstall the OS and i am enquiring if there are any known conflicts with SAS pro and NOD32 v4 as they both use real time protection for antispyware , the previous version of Nod was just a stand alone AV Any feedback would be appreciated Geoff
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