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  1. Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds for purchases over 30 days old. From our webside Product page: "We offer a 30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee on all purchases." You are approximately 78 days past the point at which we could issue you a refund. Kind regards, SUPERAdBlocker Customer Support Guess I'm stuck. Hope you people get this fixed cause the software isn't doing me any good now.
  2. thank you . I have submitted such.
  3. thanks ... guess i wasted my 30.00 bucks. uninstalling now.
  4. Have the problems with Outlook 2007 & sab been fixed? And how is getting sab to work with 64bit browser coming?
  5. I have noticed that SAB blocks hyperlinks in Outlook 2007. When I click on a link from Kirklands or Pennys it takes me to IE7 and a blank page with the words connecting at the top. When I exit SAB and click on the links they load fine. ???? I guess I wasn't clear. How do I prevent this?
  6. Will SAB work with 64bit version of IE7?
  7. Every time I restart my system the SAS setup wizard runs. I this normal?
  8. Avast Pro Super Adblocker Vista Firewall P4 3.2g w 2 gig of memory.
  9. I'm getting a constant 14% cpu spike with real time enabled. Is this normal? Very rapid spikes also.
  10. nevermind ... I just went ahead and bought SAB.
  11. Another question along this line. If I purchase SAB do I even need to run SAS Pro? I see that SAB also has real time AS protection. I already spent money on SAS and the 30.00 for SAB is a little steep for a adblocker. Especially for only 1 year.
  12. I already own SAS and I'm going to purchase SAB. But I would like to know when SAB will be released without SAS free included?
  13. I run SAS pro. I'm trialing SAB. It looks like sometimes I'm running 2 instances of SAS. Is SAS free (under SAB) running along side SAS Pro? Kind of confused how this works.
  14. Running Vista Bus. ed. and SAS Pro. On every reboot SAS ask for permission to run through the UAC. this also occurs on SAS updates. Anyway to have this run in the background without the popups?
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