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  1. Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds for purchases over 30 days old. From our webside Product page: "We offer a 30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee on all purchases." You are approximately 78 days past the point at which we could issue you a refund. Kind regards, SUPERAdBlocker Customer Support Guess I'm stuck. Hope you people get this fixed cause the software isn't doing me any good now.
  2. thank you . I have submitted such.
  3. thanks ... guess i wasted my 30.00 bucks. uninstalling now.
  4. Have the problems with Outlook 2007 & sab been fixed? And how is getting sab to work with 64bit browser coming?
  5. I have noticed that SAB blocks hyperlinks in Outlook 2007. When I click on a link from Kirklands or Pennys it takes me to IE7 and a blank page with the words connecting at the top. When I exit SAB and click on the links they load fine. ???? I guess I wasn't clear. How do I prevent this?
  6. Will SAB work with 64bit version of IE7?
  7. Every time I restart my system the SAS setup wizard runs. I this normal?
  8. Avast Pro Super Adblocker Vista Firewall P4 3.2g w 2 gig of memory.
  9. I'm getting a constant 14% cpu spike with real time enabled. Is this normal? Very rapid spikes also.
  10. nevermind ... I just went ahead and bought SAB.
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