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  1. I can some of you have read my note ... But NoOne have any comments
  2. Hallo I am Rednose ! I was recommended by a friend to download SUPERAntiSpyware Free, who now found no Threads. Fine I would like to ask 3 Quistions... 1: Should I install more (Free) MailWare/Spyware Programs? (Some of my friends have "many") But I do not want to install anything, before I am sure they "Fit" each other. My PC is Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit It is 1 day new. I have now Avast! 4.7 + Windows Defender + SUPERAntiSpyware Free. Use Firefox with IE Tab. Do never accept 3. parts cookies. ::::::: 2: I notiched a No.4 ... When will that be released? And can I just Update this version, when it come? ::::: 3: How "Danger" is Smiley Central? I like these smileys, but know some say they bring Mailware. (So I have not installed anything on my new PC - But had it on my old XP PC) (A long time ago) 3a: Is small, free trail (children) games from the Internet "Danger"? Big Fish, Smiley Arcade, and more Games like "Good Luch Charm De Luxe" "Cutterball" I also only used those on my old PC, (A long time ago) but would like to try again - If it is "Safe" (I do not think I had anything "durty" on the old PC - As far as I know - But more "Mailware-Criminals" have proberly showed up, during the years...) :::: Some Informations Please - If you have the Time ...
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