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  1. Thanks for fixing this issue. With the latest download I can install SAS to a custom directory.
  2. I posted the same problem last night but haven't had a reply yet.
  3. When I first installed version 6.0.1264 I had a problem with not being to install it to the directory I wanted to. I posted on this problem here I'm having the same problem with version 8.0.1024. Please could you fix this or is it by design? Cheers Andy
  4. Thanks a lot for the help, I'll re-download and try it out UPDATE Yes fixed now, installed perfectly.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've used SAS for many years now and have a Lifetime Profesional Subscription and I've always updated to new versions when they are released. With all the previous updates the option you posted above is there, however in the latest release 6.0.1264 the option to select the location you want to install to is missing and it defaults to C:\Program Files with no option to change it. I probably should have posted this in the bug reports section. I've gone back to version 6.0.1262 for now as this version installs fine.
  6. just noticed that the above version was out and gave it a tryout. Maybe it's just me but I couldn't find a way to install it to a custom directory. Previous releases there was always the option to choose the install directory but it seems to be missing in this build.
  7. If you get an automatic update you don't need to know your Registration Code. It's done automatically.
  8. I agree entirely with GuiltySpark. SpyHunter should be avoided at all costs. Have a read here http://antivirus.about.com/b/2004/05/05/spyhunter-ad-campaign-an-enigma.htm
  9. Perhaps no tracking cookies were present in the Cyberfox profile. As an aside is there a changelog for build 1164?
  10. If you want build 1146 why not just download it from the site and install it over the top of build 1130. It's what I did and have had no problems. Thinking about it the last time I did a clean install was for v5.7, every subsequent update has been installed over the top of that.
  11. Didn't think anyone still used that? I paid for WinRAR around 8 years ago and still use it regularly. It's still updated regularly and has the best compression of any app I know.
  12. Thanks for the reply Dave, much appreciated.
  13. I'm sure that some users like myself prefer to keep apps running at startup to a minimum Dave. I'm not really talking about major releases just updating an existing version to a later build for example version 6 from build 1130 to build 1142 If during the installation of 1142 over the top of 1130 it tells me that my current settings will be saved I would expect that to mean all of my current settings not just most of them. It's no big deal just a minor annoyance that I thought may be worth bringing up.
  14. When you do this you get a message that all previous settings will be retained (probably not the exact wording). This works very well apart from one setting. I don't want SAS starting with Windows so always uncheck this box. With every SAS programme update this setting defaults to checked. I can understand the reasoning behind this but if a user unchecks this option then it is an option that he/she has made for a reason. Please can this setting be retained when updating to a newer build?
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