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  1. i apologize after i posted i found the link for customer support:) i should have come back and reposted have a wonderful holiday season!!
  2. i have a problem... im sure i have a trojan or botnet running on my puter. i have used many programs trying to detect and protect myself to no avail. none of the programs are detecting the problem. i know i have the problem because awhile back yahoo notified me i was upgraded to power mailer priveledges..i checked and this is one of their rewards to power mailers... however i am not a power mailer!! when checking my ignored settings i found my own email addy in the folder so i removed the filter. in doing so i began to get spam from myself ive tried scanning for problems removing what ever was reported...changing passwords... each time i change my password i get new spam from myself. my fiancee uses this puter also and is having the same problems..in fact at one time his one yahoo acct was stolen and we had to go thru the process of proving it was his acct to get it back. none of the spyware/bots/root/virus programs are showing a thing. including the superspyware... im at my limits..as to what to do next.. and this problem is so very upsetting if you could help...or if i can do anything to supply u with information to help udate your program to detect this problem for others please let me know. sincerly i thankyou for your attention. co:)
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