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  1. I finally got it off. I had to disconnect the drive and scan it from my laptp. The fake SAS was removed in the scan. Not sure which program it was. The .exe I thought was the culprit scanned clean. My AV found over 14,000 trojans, viruses and worms, a new record! I'll give the customer a link to the real SAS and hopefully all those won't come back.
  2. I'm a technician. I have a customer with a program claiming to be Super Anti Spyware on his computer. That's how I found this forum. It installed itself and resists all attempts to remove it. It even blocks starting in safe mode. I tried removing the .exe but that just causes XP to lock up and refuse to boot. It also blocks all applications meant to remove spyware including the real Super Anti Spyware. Is there any way to remove the counterfeit program or install the legit program to have it remove the malware? I'm stuck for ideas at the moment except for a full reinstall of Windows which I will consider only as a last resort. Any help will be appreciated. Matt
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