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  1. Thanks for your time and advice.
  2. Ok, I have re-installed. The version was 4.38. Lets hope this will not happen next time. Cheers
  3. Hi, I have a box telling me, there is a program update,I click next , it retrieves the updtates, I click next,a box flashes up, saying, its downloading and installing.This lasts about 1 second, then it says finish.Then i get the pop up box, saying, I have a program update. I have SAS pro, XP and I am the administrator. Thank you for any help. Also i have SAS.exe and ssupdate set as trusted apps.Although I did update Comodo yesterday
  4. Hello, the strangest thing happened this morning. Yesterday, I built a ubcd4win.I have never used it before. Anyway I booted off the cd, had a look round, started a few programs including SAS. I did not scan or anything. I shut the pc down, rebooted. Now I find my Pro version of SAS has reverted to the free version.I am no expert, I guess I shouldn't meddle in things I don't understand. Can anyone offer any help/advice. Thank you OK well I have retrieved my license, and have got SAS Pro again.I am still baffled.How can running SAS off a cd affect my license on C drive
  5. Hello,i have recently set up several more user accounts.I notice when someone else is logged on, SAS, has not been updated,even though,it has on my account.When I scan , is SAS, scanning all of the pc,or, just my account.Does every user need to do individual scans.Thank you.
  6. I understand when you say that SAS cannot scan big files, what do you mean,when you say there is nothing to detect.Do you mean SAS could miss something bad, or because the file is so big it must be clean.Sorry for not understanding your reply
  7. The files vary, from 8mb to 128mb.Actually, the 8mb file shows 1 file scanned,anything larger,shows 0 files scanned.No they are not executable files.In preferences, i have ' ignore files larger than 4mb' unchecked.Also 'scan only known file types ' unchecked.Thanks for the reply
  8. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question,when i right click on a NDS game file that I have downloaded,SAS says no harmful threats found,but it has not scanned it.It says,files scanned 0.My question is,if something bad ( that SAS could detect ) was bundled in with the file,would SAS find it.Or would SAS simply not be able to scan it.Thanks
  9. Yes you were absolutely spot on.I had sas,exe and ssupdate.exe as trusted apps but it wouldn't work.So i removed all the rules for sas,then updated manually,got an alert from comodo,allowed,and today it updated automatically.Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.
  10. SAS Pro, is supposed to automatically update is'nt it.I have all th boxes checked ( auto check for udates) I have set the 'notify me if i haven,t checked for updates ' set to 1 day.I have just been reminded, but it will not download automatically.Do I have to do it manually everytime? Thanks
  11. Never mind, I ended up with 2 lifetime licences . Cheers
  12. Sorry if this has been asked already.Am i right in thinking I can purchase SAS Pro with LIFETIME updates for $19.95,and an additional copy ( for 1 year ) for $9.95
  13. Thank you very much MikeW, my first thought was obviously it was scanning fewer files,hence quicker scan.Apologies for thinking that.Love SAS, will be upgrading to pro very soon.Cheers
  14. Hello, I am just curious.Since updating to version4 I notice the number of files scanned has dropped.Previously,a full scan totalled approx 20,000 files.Now its about 9000.This is the same on two computers.Obviously the scan time is also reduced by about %50.Can someone explain this please.Cheers
  15. Yeah, I thought it was ok.Thanks for the reply,and thanks to the makers of this program.Superantispyware gets highly recommended on so many forums.It never ceases to amaze me, lots of people stick with Ad aware,spybot,etc ( jo average ) This program is streets ahead.Thanks again
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