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  1. Hello Zip. Thanks for your comments, any help is appreciated. I only have Zone Alarn internet security suite and SuperAntispyware Pro running. If I turn off Zone Alarms anti virus and spyware Super Antispyware initializes every time, if I leave them turned on it's a bit hit and miss. Cheers J.C.
  2. Well thank you for your reply sir. I have told ZoneAlarm about the problem, but they say no one else is having the same problem, so it must be me. They said that last time they brought a new version out, but then it was taken off the web site , and a new version made [ latest version ] and I still have problems. Think I will go back to Norton when my subscription is up. Thank you for your help it is much appreciated. Cheers JC.
  3. Hi I'm new on this forum. I have been looking through the old posts, and have come across this one. I run SuperAntispyware Pro [ great program by the way ] and I have ZoneAlarm security suite running as well. SuperAntispyware conflicts with ZoneAlarm. Any chance that you could have a look at this on the next version of SuperAntispyware. I can't run the latest version of ZoneAlarm, as it keeps making outlook express crash when it checks the emails. Also when you do a scan with Super Antispyware you have to turn off ZoneAlarms anti virus and anti spyware to get Super Antispyware to initisalize. Cheers JC
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