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  1. You may be right.. every since I told my AV "nod32" to stop scanning SAS.. everything is fine... I have no way of knowing if SAS scans not only the file the same time nod scans it but also if it scans "nod" while it scans that file....

    if so, it seems it would free up even more to have it ignore nod32.

    But like you say, that may not be necessary.

  2. Ah..ok that makes sense... is there a way to purposely tell SAS not so scan something realtime... not so much for problems with spyware detection, but more for compatibility issues, such as not scanning other spyware or antivirus systems that attempt to scan a file at the same time SAS tries to scan thus slowing down things unnecessarily.

  3. Under the Scheduled scanning options... there is a setting to automatically allow the computer to reboot if needed to clean a file......

    Was the Scheduled scan in play or did you initiate it on your own?

    I don't know if this setting affects scans done on demand or not.

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