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  1. @Nick How do I do it for submitting a sample? EDIT: never mind just did, to: samples [at] superantispyware [dot] com
  2. Was planning to do so as soon as I can connect to the internet with that computer. Thanks
  3. UPDATE: regedit and taskmanager working OK THANKS!
  4. OK All done. All HJT logs seem OK, no trace of those entries. ProcessExplorer looks clean too... No more popups. Files are not there anymore, and HOSTS file stays there... However... regedit and task manager, still impossible to open, despite I tried XPsec in reg and safe mode. Control panel and windows update are working now... Thanks for all your help. I'll run SAS one last time, and i'll give the computer back...can't do anymore right now... Once again, thanks a lot!
  5. I hope this does the trick, since I wont have access to the PC in several days. I'll post results
  6. hhmmm that proper.exe has been detected and removed on some scans... it's still there... winter.exe still there, but before running HJT I looked for it manually and didn't find it... Gotta leave now, i'll be back in about an hour.
  7. OK performed all steps. But I chosed MVP's HOSTS. OMG...still getting the fake alert! In safe mode...just performed all steps, haven't reboot yet.
  8. hosts files dissapeared. winter resisted erase software set up to erase at reboot, so i'm going to safe mode now....
  9. Ok Most AV from virustotal flagged it. (I had to edit Hosts file, most av-vendors and virustotal were blocked) So i'm nuking that file. What next?
  10. 3 hours of scanning and still running. Until now, only found Trojan.Downloader-Gen/Micky and some cookies. Still not reached \Windows\...
  11. Thanks for all the help. SAS just finished scanning the registry, nothing found yet. Gotta go now, so I'll let it running. I'll post again in a few hours with the Autoruns report.
  12. OK Will do, as soon as SAS finish scanning. Or should I stop it and do this right away?
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