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  1. I would not dream of running my security set up this way, it just invites possible disasters. I was only referring to my AV guard and SAS`s real time guard. When I update SAS tomorrow I will take up the special offer on the Pro version, thank you again for your prompt answers. Wishing all at SUPERAntiSpyware a great New Year. Regards Barrie
  2. Hi Nick, Thank you it is refreshing to hear this sort of comment and not the usual are product can do everything better than any other. Running two real time guards has always bothered me, but as my AV and SAS are not duplicating file checking (IE both trying to check the same file at the same time) conflicts should not happen. Is this what you are saying? Regards Barrie
  3. Hi zip, Thank you for your reply, and software comparisons that you have personally found. My system is protected by APSS,SB,SG and as you I am and have been malware/Spyware free for many years. So is it more beneficial to buy a SAS Pro license or just run the freeware? Regards Barrie
  4. Hi Nick, I realise this is a loaded question, but have been running SASS for a little while now and bar the detection tests I have run it has found absolutely nothing. I keep my system fully updated in all respects OS, AV etc, and expect this type of result. So my question is how is SASS different from and what benefits would I have running it over other top vendors antispywear products such as Xoftspy, ST, Ad-Aware etc. I feel I can ask this because looking through other forums you always give an unbiased and informative answer. Regards Barrie
  5. Hi Nick, Thank you for you very prompt reply, the next 48 hours of use and testing will make my mind up one way or the other. I have heard very good reports on both this software and the support & development it has. Regards Barrie
  6. Hi, I am a newbie here, and am a little confused. When I ever I run my software update and it finishes, I then get a clarification window with the uploaded files, plus an upgrade offer popup box to the Pro version for $19.95. But on your web site https://www.superantispyware.com/?tag=GOOGLE-SUPERANTISPYWARE you are asking for $29.95. My question is what is the price I would have to pay if I decided to upgrade? Regards Barrie
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