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  1. Hi SuperAntispyware I think I might have solved the problem so If I have I cannot try your solution. What I can say is after I took two actions (as below) I then rescanned in Full scan mode and it took 27 minutes WinXPSP2. Actions I took: 1) Uninstalled and reinstalled SAS and updated the virus database again. 2) I removed EQSecure Beta 4 This latter item was a ZIP file which did not need installing and I had very recently downloaded. Unknown to many in Wilders forum it was supposed to be applied over the previous version 3.41 which I did not have installed. That said when I booted up Win XP the screen which you input your windows password showed the EQSecure logo. Just deleting the folder and reboot removed it. Should SAS not continue to function properly I will revert back Thanks for your prompt reply Terry
  2. Hi All I got exactly the same problem. The scan whether in quick scan or complete scan just keeps on scanning and after two hours I had to shut it down. Done several scans to make sure its not a one off. Also as the previous poster says, it seems to stick on a particular file. In my case it was a .dll in 7Zip in DocsSettings folder. I uninstalled 7ZIP bit SAS then appeared to hang on a completely different file. At the moment SAS completely unuseable. The beta version worked OK with fast scanning speed Thanks Terry
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