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  1. Thanks for the hint. I appreciate your help! My basic misconception was that the settings used upon installation under the admin account would also work for the user accounts. I now see that SAS uses individual settings, which is the better approach by far.
  2. Thanks for your reply! Fair enough - I knew there had to be a simple solution.
  3. Hi there, I'm running XP SP3 with three accounts: one admin, two limited users. When I install SAS under the admin account and check the box "Start when Windows starts", SAS starts up whenever I log into the admin account, which I occasionally do for system maintenance etc. However, SAS does not start when I log into one of the limited user accounts - but this is where I need protection while surfing... How can I change this behavior so SAS starts up with every login, no matter which account? regards epic
  4. I had the same problem on a system with multiple infections. One of the trojans must have corrupted the registry information on the windows installer. Try cleaning the registry with CCleaner - this worked for me. Afterwards I was able to install SAS on the infected machine and it proved quite helpful.
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