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  1. I am running Norton on my laptop and the SAS issue seems resolved there. I uninstalled SAS on the desktop. Am currently running Prevx and F-Secure. I also upgraded to Vista Service Pack 3 recently. Nothing else has been done lately. Maybe one of my "cleaning" programs damaged SAS? I clean with Ccleaner, TuneUp Utilities 2008, Iobit and System TuneUp (Ace Utilities).
  2. I am not sure what is up but when I start SAS on either my desktop or laptop the program freezes. There is no way to right click the SAS icon in the systray and do anything. It does not attempt to update either. I have Vista Home Premium on the desktop and Vista Basic on the laptop. Both 32 bit. The only thing I have done to both computers recently is add Prevx. Is there some sort of conflict with Prevx and SAS?
  3. I do a lot of manual scans of individual files by right clicking the file with my mouse, opening the context menu and selecting the appropriate program to scan the file. I see SAS has no icon next to the "scan with superantispyware" option. Is there a way to add an icon manually? Or could an icon be added in a future release (or at least an option for the icon in the context menu)? thanks
  4. None of those fixes seem to work. I forgot to mention I run Vista Home Premium. And right after I get the error message SAS will crash. I then have to restart SAS but the items that caused the crash are then seen in the quarantine. I also have Nod32 real time as well as run Avira and MBAM on demand. There are no infections I am alerted to. Actually the items put in quarantine that caused SAS to crash were just tracking cookies. But SAS crashes every time.
  5. I have the following message every time SAS attempts to quarantine an item- "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE R6025 -pure virtual function call" What's up with this?
  6. will try to download and reinstall- thanks
  7. I use SAS Pro and Vista Home Premium 32, and I have not gotten the upgrade to 4.1 as of yet. Whenever I manually try to get the upgrade I get a UAC warning and then there is no attempt (that I can tell) to look for any upgrades. Do I need to do something different or download the latest version manually? Updates for signatures work fine. thanks
  8. From what I understand (which could be wrong) SuperAdBlocker has real time protection similar to SAS. Is the real time protection and scanning engine the same in SAB 4.6 as SAS 4.0? Or is the real time and scanning of SAB from an earlier version of SAS like 3.9? thanks
  9. admin account. I was previously running the free SAS and the UAC warning would pop up when I started SAS. I then entered my license code for the Pro version and had the settings to start with Windows. But when Windows starts I get the uac warning. I also still get the uac by starting SAS Pro manually. I have tried it with and without the splash screen but get the uac warning either way.
  10. I have Vista 32 and SAS Pro 3.9. I want SAS to start when Windows starts but I always get the UAC warning everytime. It is nothing tremendously bad but just annoying. Is there some way for UAC not to warn when SAS starts? Does version 4.0 get around the UAC warning?
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