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  1. Thanks. I suspect that the thumbs.db is not the problem.. just the last file that was processed. Would you mind doing the same thing, but do a scan of your entire drive instead of just the directory where the problem occurred? It would be nice to see if the hang occurs in the scenario you normally see it with the options you just tested with. Thanks Don
  2. My name is Don Fowler. I'm an engineer working on SAS. This is an interesting problem that we haven't been able to reproduce or track down as of yet. Your testing is very appreciated. Would you mind doing a custom scan of a folder that seems to have the "hang" with ADS enabled and ignore non executable files along with scan only known types disabled. I'd like to see if it still seems to hang. What I suspect from your information is that there are a large number of files and alternate data streams that aren't being scanned, but have to be "qualified" as non-scan items. Also, pay attention to the drive activity if it does appear to hang. Thanks Don
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