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  1. Could you please give me the details of the problem? Did they do a scan and then the computer didn't reboot when they asked it to? Why did you have to reboot their machines? Thanks Don
  2. No changes were made to SAS that would affect the number of registry items scanned. There are many items that are scanned because they're pointed to by other items in the registry. As a result, scanned item numbers could change noticeably if a linked item was added or removed.
  3. You can delete the entry for SABKUTIL.SYS without any problems. I am unsure about winsock.sys. In a quick search, I could not verify that it was a required windows file.
  4. SAS 5 does skip excluded folders during the scan. What is happening that makes you conclude that SAS is not function properly? Are you detecting items in an excluded folder?
  5. You can install over your current version.
  6. SAS should run fine under any user account. We recommend that you never run it as an administrator to cirumvent UAC. Please open a support ticket and our developers will work with you to find a solution to your problem. https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html
  7. SAS does run in safe mode and that would be my first suggestion. Boot to safe mode and run a scan with SAS.
  8. Very interesting problem. Please open a support ticket. This will help the software team with tracking and fixing your issue. https://www.superantispyware.com/precreateticket.html
  9. I just dealt with a similar issue and a startup manager. SAS was in the run key but there was a subkey of items to block from starting. SAS was also in this subkey. Please verify that you're not having the same issue. If you are still unable to start with windows, please let me know. I will work with you to resolve the issue.
  10. We have found the problem and a fix will be in a future release. Thank you for the information.
  11. 4.34 is a very old version. You should definitely update to the newest version. The fix for the cookie issue in in our current pre-release. Download the pre-release and install over the current version you have. It will uninstall the previous version and install the new version. https://www.superantispyware.com/prerelease.html
  12. The current pre-release should fix your problem. If not, please let me know. https://www.superantispyware.com/prerelease.html
  13. We have found a slowdown when deleting cookies from Google Chrome and newer versions of Firefox. This is due to a cookie database locking issue. We are working to resolve it.
  14. The end now button would only come up on windows shutdown or if the application stopped responding to windows messages. We need more clarification on the circumstances of the problem.
  15. Okay. The registration issue discussed in this thread has been fixed. The fix will be included in our next release. I don't have a date for the release yet, but we're working hard to get it out.
  16. SUPERAntiSpyware is designed to run with other anti-malware and anti-virus applications. You should have no problems running it with MBAM and Avast. What you're seeing on Windows shutdown is most likely not SAS crashing. When Windows shuts down it informs other applications to shut down. If this doesn't happen fast enough, Windows will display the error box that you're seeing. We have been unable to reproduce this on any in-house system. When this occurs, what happens if you don't tell windows to terminate the application? Does Windows eventually shut down?
  17. Kalzon, I thought that we resolved your settings and registration issues.
  18. Microsoft released a security update that changed the way IE cookies are stored. The result was a failure to detect IE cookies due to the new format.
  19. We have found and fixed an issue with the cookie detection. This fix will be in the next release. We also added the information about what site the cookie came from in the detection window.
  20. We are still in the process of "tuning" the real time engine to protect machines without adversely affecting performance. In our testing we had no problems. However, we are aware that there are a multitude of machine configurations. We are working to resolve issues as we become aware of them.
  21. At this time, the SAS manual definition updater doesn't update the "last update" time in SAS. A more accurate way to tell if your definitions have been updated would be to check the definition version. Let me know if you are still having a problem updating.
  22. We have found and fixed an issue that caused the problem you're describing. Our next release will include the fix. If you still have problems after our next release, please let us know.
  23. We found and fixed a cookie issue that a few of our users are experiencing. The next release will include the fix.
  24. Are you running SUPERAntiSpyware Professional or Free?
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