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  1. Berryracer, We are researching Pale Moon to add cookie scanning.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. We will add it to our list.
  3. ShyWriter, I apologize that your post was not answered in a timely manner. While SUPERAntiSpyware does automatically check for program updates for PRO users, it does not automatically update the program. You should see a notification from the tray icon that indicates an application update is available. This notification allows you to install the update.
  4. Blacklight, Did you recently upgrade to IE10?
  5. DGOODALE, I'm sorry that your response was so slow. We try to respond to tickets within a 24 hour time period on business days. SUPERAntiSpyware is not designed to scan remote drives. However, you can get this feature to work if you disable "direct disk" and "kernel direct file access".
  6. The application has to be running for real-time to scan. Therefore, you must start with windows if you want realtime running constantly. It is strongly recommended that you always let SUPERAntiSpyware start with windows. You want "start with windows", "enable realtime", and a 2 a.m. scheduled scan enabled to get the combination of actions you referenced.
  7. What version of SAS are you running? This should have been fixed in 1040. If you are running 1040, could you try to re-install with the latest download? Thanks
  8. You should NEVER stop the core service. You cannot stop the core service and still expect SAS to run as expected.
  9. You need to check the download link for a new version.
  10. This should have been fixed with version 1040 of the application. Could you please upgrade and confirm that it's still and issue. Thanks
  11. Microsoft released an update around September 10th that appears to have broken the validation of certificates issues by Starfield, which is the one our application uses. We are working to get a new certificate issued from a different company.
  12. We apologize for keeping you waiting so long for a response to your post. We realize that our definitions release on March 24, 2013 triggered some third-party anti-virus systems to flag a threat. We cannot share the details on what happened because our corporate policy is not to reveal information at that level of how we handle and process our definition updates, but please know that we sincerely regret any inconvenience that it may have caused, and we have done our best to ensure this sort of incident won’t happen again. As you know, no developer is capable of identifying and preventing all threats all the time. We strive for perfection but don’t always achieve it. We appreciate very much the efforts by you and many others to help us in the fight against malware by alerting us to problems, even, as in this case, a problem with reports about our own release. We were able to address it immediately at the time, although again we apologize for not responding to your posts here sooner. We hope we can count on your continued help and support in this area as we work with our user base and the industry at large to address the constant and ever-evolving threats to our customers’ systems.
  13. It's not a bug that SAS does not show up in the system tray when set to run as administrator in the shortcut properties. No applications will run at startup on windows 7 or 8 if the application requires administrator rights and the user has UAC enabled. By checking the "run as administrator" option in the shortcut to the application, windows assumes the application requires admin rights. This is by design from Microsoft. Do NOT change the shortcut properties of SAS and it will start with windows without problems. SAS is compatible with windows 8.
  14. We had an internal server issue and have been working to resolve it. There is a new definition release available now. Thank you for your concern.
  15. If you set the program to run as administrator it will not start with Windows when UAC is turned on( the default state ). SAS should never be set to run as administrator.
  16. Is this a scheduled scan or a manual scan? The PUP detections will be notify items. In order to remove notify items you must run a manual scan and select the items for removal when asked at scan completion.
  17. SUPERAntiSpyware uses the windows task scheduler to run scheduled scans. The most common problem when scheduled scans stop is that the task scheduler service has stopped. Reboot your machine to see if the problem is remedied.
  18. We currently have our update servers turned off for maintenance. You can download the install package or wait until we turn the updates back on.
  19. What is the email address you're using when you submit the logs?
  20. I'm not sure qw.exe was a false positiive, but SAS removed it for some reason.
  21. SUPERAntiSpyware is a subscription based product. As such, it needs access to the internet to verify the product status. Running normally it would rarely attempt to access the SAS servers. Since you have the product blocked from accessing the internet it will keep trying until it can validate it's status.
  22. How often is it attempting to connect to the internet on your machine? Only when SAS starts? Every minute?
  23. Thanks... that has been resolved.
  24. Robin - I have been unable to reproduce any of the symptoms mentioned. I am working to find a solution to this problem but need some more information. Are all of the affected machines SAS Pro? Claw - I see you use SAS Free. I just want to verify that you saw this problem occur with SAS Free Edition? Are these machines low on memory? Thanks Don
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