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  1. I'm glad you were able to find a solution to the problem you were having. I have searched extensively and, unfortunately, you are the only person I can find reporting this problem. There are a large number of hits on this issue with other applications and even fixes from Microsoft for their own programs, but nothing for SAS. Hopefully, if others are having this issue we will get more reports of it and can figure out what is happening.
  2. All versions of SAS require the core service to be running. Disabling it will cause the program to run abnormally in many situations. It's erroneous to disable a component of a software package and then declare it buggy as a result. We have stated many times on this forum - "Do not disable the core service".
  3. This problem is generally caused by having UAC enabled and checking the "run as administrator" check box in the shortcut properties.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I like your reasoning. We will discuss this and see if it's feasible.
  5. SUPERAntiSpyware 6 does detect and remove Pale Moon cookies. If you are having a problem with it, I would like to work with you to figure out the issue. You are correct, there is no difference between FireFox and Pale Moon except for the appdata directory.
  6. The updates happen throughout the day at random times. I'm wondering if the SAS 6 pre-release would solve the issues you have with updating in the application. https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/7758-superantispyware-60-pre-release-download/
  7. Could you elaborate a little on this? Thanks Don
  8. The final release of 6 will install over SAS 5 and the beta versions of SAS 6. Though, It's always a good idea to uninstall a beta before installing the final release.
  9. We recently upgraded our scan engine for the SAS 6 release. As a result, your scans should be considerably faster. This upgrade affects previous versions of SAS as well. I doubt you're having a problem on your machine, just noticing the faster scan speeds.
  10. Have you tried double-clicking the desktop shortcut?
  11. The software being spawned is not SAS. SAS is already running. Something is executing a program several times a second. You could open task scheduler to see what process is starting and stopping frequently or that you have many copies of running.
  12. It looks like you just received a canned response from VIPRE. SUPERAntiSpyware will work well with most other security products on the market. I reviewed the logs for your system and found that you have some piece of software being spawned by the shell several times a second. This is quite odd. The logs didn't include the name of the software. I would run a utility to determine what file is being spawned so often. I was not able to determine why SAS is popping up but It's possible that the popup is being caused by the program attempting to scan this application that is being spawned constantly.
  13. berryracer, We appreciate you tracking this down to SAS. However, we have had no other reports of this issue over many years. Is there anything specific to your system that you think might be causing this issue? Thanks Don
  14. We are proud to announce a new pre-release version of SUPERAntiSpyware that includes some new features that will help our users remove malware from their machines. Included in this version: COMPLETELY RE-DESIGNED USER INTERFACE - A Brand New Look! INTUITIVE & STREAMLINED NEW PROGRAM FLOW Enhanced System Tools "Control Panel" interface Numerous internal improvements to support program stability and Internet connectivity More additions to come... We welcome you to try this pre-release and let us know how it works for you on this forum.
  15. When a file is detected and removed it is added to that list to block re-addition of the file to the system.
  16. Could you elaborate on why you think real-time is not working?
  17. Definition updates are back online
  18. Definition updates are back online
  19. Definition updates are back online
  20. Definition updates are back online
  21. SUPERAntiSpyware doesn't have a popup that indicates it blocked something outgoing from your machine. Are you sure It's SUPERAntiSpyware? Can you post a screen shot?
  22. Windows moves certain files into the "System Volume Information". So, a copy of the infection is likely there and you should allow SUPERAntiSpyware to remove it. It is not being run from that location but could return if you do a system restore at a later point.
  23. You're probably talking about the Unwanted Programs screen that shows up at the start of a scan. This screen can be a little confusing. We are working on the clarity. If you click on the name of the browser extension, the "Remove" button will be usable. Let me know if you have any further problems.
  24. Hi bigfan_24, I apologize but I can't give you an estimate on when FRC will be updated to support scanning programs on your PC under IE 11. I can tell you that it is on our list of items to work on. Do you have a specific need to use that feature? If so, perhaps I can find an alternative for you. Thanks Don
  25. Thanks bigfan_24 Happy holidays to you too!! We are looking forward to a great year ahead.
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