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  1. Please download and install the latest version of SAS from our website. We have made numerous fixes to update system. After installing the new version, if you still have update issues - please let us know.
  2. I'm sorry that you're under the impression that SAS is useless. As stated earlier, no software catches everything. We are updating our definition set daily to detect current malware infections. We know that SAS currently detects ~3,000,000 malware infections a months. That doesn't include tracking cookies. What I'm wondering is what type of infections is ESET detecting and why are you getting infected on such a regular basis. Thanks Don
  3. Cookies cannot be quarantined and restored with SAS, so they were removed from quarantine. It has always been necessary for the browser to be closed when removing cookies from chrome and firefox. SAS now has the option to close the browser for you.
  4. Some of the information for quick scans comes from the current definition file. Do you have the latest version of definitions?
  5. mdsllc, I apologize it took so long for an answer. I check this forum multiple times a day and never saw the question or any of the updates until today. I will look into how that could happen.
  6. We haven't distributed a CHM help file with SAS in a long time. There is no current CHM help file. My guess is that you have an old version of SAS that has been updated.
  7. Maximus, there is definitely support for CyberFox. I told you that personally. If it's not working for you, we can figure that out. You are familiar enough with SAS to know that we always do a download release for a few days before enabling the update servers. We never have a change log until we enable the update servers. It's too confusing for the millions of users we have.
  8. It seems that some piece of software has created those multiple levels of application data. Probably a bug. Many programs will crash when they encounter a path this long. I would look into how this happened and try to remedy the situation.
  9. We have been discussing this feature for years. The main issue is that the product would have to know how many files are on the drive before scanning. To achieve this, you have to spend resources prior to scanning to enumerate them. There are other options that aren't as accurate and we're still examining them.
  10. Lagarvp, Each type of malware has to be detected in a unique way. Many many pieces of the files in a strain of malware change constantly.. it's all easy to edit and change.
  11. Maximus, We appreciate your help on the forums. I would like to clarify that it's erroneous to say SAS is only good for removing tracking cookies. As I've stated before, the product removes over 3,000,000 malware infections a month. Those people who thank us for helping them when no other software could would probably disagree with your sentiment.
  12. The next release of SAS will have support for CyberFox cookie cleaning
  13. The (x86) at the start of the registry path indicates that it is under an x86 registry path. Try looking in HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1025616775-32965946-2427245248-1008-{ED1FC765-E35E-4C3D-BF15-2C2B11260CE4}-0\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENTVERSION\WINLOGON#SHELL
  14. SAS installs 32 or 64 bit versions based on the bitness of your operating system.
  15. In our internal testing, the PaleMoon cookies are scanned by default on a quick scan. I will look into why this seems to be a problem with the path you supplied.
  16. JohnnyCool, The problem in these cases were that the core service was disabled. Have you verified that your core service has not been disabled?
  17. I'm glad you were able to find a solution to the problem you were having. I have searched extensively and, unfortunately, you are the only person I can find reporting this problem. There are a large number of hits on this issue with other applications and even fixes from Microsoft for their own programs, but nothing for SAS. Hopefully, if others are having this issue we will get more reports of it and can figure out what is happening.
  18. All versions of SAS require the core service to be running. Disabling it will cause the program to run abnormally in many situations. It's erroneous to disable a component of a software package and then declare it buggy as a result. We have stated many times on this forum - "Do not disable the core service".
  19. This problem is generally caused by having UAC enabled and checking the "run as administrator" check box in the shortcut properties.
  20. Thanks for the suggestion. I like your reasoning. We will discuss this and see if it's feasible.
  21. SUPERAntiSpyware 6 does detect and remove Pale Moon cookies. If you are having a problem with it, I would like to work with you to figure out the issue. You are correct, there is no difference between FireFox and Pale Moon except for the appdata directory.
  22. The updates happen throughout the day at random times. I'm wondering if the SAS 6 pre-release would solve the issues you have with updating in the application. https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/7758-superantispyware-60-pre-release-download/
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