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  1. Online Armor free works a treat with both SAS and MBam running in the background, together with NOD32. I think this is a very efficient/optimal combination. I never had a problem with any combination of them. I did have problems with ZA but not with Online Armor which is also lighter and free.
  2. Hi again tmb2610 As another poster said, two guards are better than one... However, you need to weigh up effectiveness against system resources used. I think Mbam and SAS are two of the lightest antispyware apps for live monitoring. At first I was in two minds as to which one to have on, but after some tests I see that using both in live mode does not impair the speed of my system. So I keep them both along with NOD32 and Online Armor. I use a-squared just for occasional on-demand scans. It is very good but heavy on resources for live monitoring. As for AVG, I get the impression that it is not as effective as NOD32 (I love old Noddy...). For a free antivirus I would use Avira which (from what I read) has improved a lot and gets top ratings in group tests. Same goes for Online Armor Free. Definitely better than the Windows firewall and probably better than most of the 'paid' firewalls. I also use Spywareblaster and MVPS Hosts file - Get it from http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/ My general rule is: Use products that are good AND LIGHT All the best to you Sunshine
  3. Hi Tmb2610 and a very Merry Xmas to you!... I am very glad you managed to swat the bugger... Mbam lived up to its reputation again. It's a great companion to SAS and your AV. I use all three together in 'live' mode and a-squared for occasional off-line deep scans. My AV is NOD32 AV 4 and I also run Online Armor Free as firewall. I must say that I have had no malware except for a few odd tracking cookies. I am very pleased with this combination but I still look forward to the time that SAS and Mbam implement an incremental database update just like NOD32 and a-squared do. Again, I am very pleased that I have been of help. I hope you have a happy and malware free New Year!...
  4. Try 'Malwarebytes Free' and 'a-squared Free'. I use them both along with SAS. Malwarebytes is a highly acclaimed anti-spyware and complements nicely other similar products in that it focuses more on malware that other products miss. a-squared has a very powerful engine and a very large database. I hope one of these two can clear the problem for you. Failing that I would recommend PrevX which offers a free (in the cloud) scan but requests you to purchase a license before it will remove the culprit... I hope this info helps you Good luck and Merry Malware-free Xmas...
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I understand your points. I wish however that there was at least one malware sample that could be safely used to observe how SAS reacts and also prove that SAS is working
  6. As it is now, SAS has to be running for the 'Scan with SAS' to appear in context menu when you right-click on a file. I am sure it can appear in the menu even if SAS is not running. When invoked through the context menu, it can run, scan the file and stay on unless user closes it. This is the way Webroot Spysweeper behaves and it is very helpful when you don't want to have it running but need to use it to scan a file you downloaded.
  7. I downloaded the zipped version of the sample virus from eicar's website. I scanned it with NOD32, AVG AS, SAS free and a-squared free. NOD32 and AVG identified it. The other two found nothing wrong with it. I am puzzled and wonder if such a well known pseudo virus is not 'captured', what about the lesser known or new REAL ones? There must be a logical explanation I hope...
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