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  1. I dont spam. one was a warning for others clients (TOOK THE HASSLE TO REGISTER JUST FOR THAT!) The other is a recommendation to the makers Not all people with comp problems read suggestions for the program... But i understand that is to hard to understand for you...... Dont worry! 'Wont see me again PFFFFT ..... Sillybilly.....How old are you really? Happy you are allowed to say something here? PS i havent got the faintest clue what you are talking about to start the bootmenu from the "start all programs list" or from the directory?????? As if that would made a difference? Your spamming with vague **** here!!!! Its the bootmenu that comes up after that that gives you a problem.....
  2. I had used the " boot safe" menu ,and clicked on "boot in safe mode" HOWEVER... if you do that it will constantly keep booting in safe mode EVEN IF YOU CHOOSE NORMAL BOOT IN YOUR BIOS.....So... You have to do it in SuperAntispyware . BUT.. you cant!!!!! Because you are in safe mode it will tell you "it cant start windows installer" In other words...YOU ARE LOCKED IN SAFE MODE Repeating........The bios wont "listen" for as long as it switched on in Super antispyware,AND if you go to spyware (while still in safe mode of course) its the "cant start windows installer,so cant change it " message again....WITH NO WAY OUT... The only way i managed to get out of it is that i luckily was so stubborn to not erase all my restore points yet as is very common and desirable when fighting male ware.... I guess the only other option was a complicated Chmos (bios)chip reset if i never had any restore points Because the "restore last good working settings" option in bios didnt work either.. (Asus "P5B - E plus" Motherboard and windows XP servp 2)
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