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  1. Yes, it is. I have reported several spammers lately myself. There's just something about it when security-oriented forum gets hit by spammers. They may even be difficult to identify for others, for example a case where no actual links are posted in messages here but is in the poster's sig. The messages being somehow logical, if hardly ever relevant to actual thread where they are posted. When faced with such spammers, only a distrustful mind is able to spot them Example here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3126&start=0 See the quite logical posting, and observe the link to Prepaid calling cards in Zoogo55's signature ... Why would normal poster promote such as wordpress-hosted ads for Prepaids?
  2. That's a legitimate entry, see http://www.systemlookup.com/O20/381-SASWINLO_dll.html If you have SAS installed, leave it alone.
  3. I did notice change in visuals, however this was corrected with latest version (.1002). I have relatively low-end system myself so I can not really comment on app launch speeds as it has always been slowish for me. Update has been slower in later version, that I have noticed.
  4. That reply is from spammer or spambot, see the link in signature ... There are several here now, I reported one of them which has 7 posts. I hope staff sees them and deals with the issue. Having forum populated by spambots is not a good thing. Their nonsense posts are not needed. Users can easily spot them by their links and nonsense posts.
  5. Sorry, it's the notification about unknown publisher I'm getting. Both when I run the tool and prior to desktop loading. It's seems the tool is unsigned, and thus requires twice the confirmation?
  6. As far as I recall, it went something like this: I closed most apps to make sure nothing was interfering (KIS 2009 was still running though), uninstall tool either requested or suggested immediate reboot, which was done. Closing phase took slightly longer according to my estimates. After reboot it did take considerable longer (I have pretty streamlined install here, only few apps loading at windows start) for the desktop to load, I could see the wallpaper but nothing else. I got Data Protection prompt asking me to approve of the running of the uninstall tool. After I okay'ed that normal desktop soon loaded. This after I had uninstalled SAS via regular means. I have Xp Home Sp2 Fin, running with full admin rights.
  7. Thank you for the information. It seems then my uninstall was incomplete, as the tool did allow itself to be run, rebooted, and needed Windows protection confirmation to run after the reboot? I have to say I'm hesitant to reinstall after seeing reports here and elsewhere for BSODs and after experiencing those graphical glitches I reported in another thread. I do after all care about the interface to some degree
  8. Some questions regarding this tool: How does exactly does it work? Mainly meaning will I be in trouble for example in a situation where SAS has been installed in non-default location, such as for example d:\ohjelmat\sas ? Also, will the tool do any damage if run after succesfull uninstall via regular means? I have a habit of running removal tools just to be on the safe side, as too many security software tend to leave traces behind.
  9. Hi, this is a somewhat default procedure for solving Windows app issues (If you had managed to install SAS, please uninstall it via Add/remove Programs, then reboot your system.) Redownload the installer in case previous download is corrupt. Try installing again.
  10. I have a habit of going through program settings (in)frequently out of boredom and it gets me acquainted with what I use and what it can do. I'm pretty sure mine didn't look that butt-ugly last time I had a look it can be seen elsewhere too. It almost looks like the entire interface went through some subtle changes in my case.
  11. I also experienced what could be called as graphical glitches after updating via built-in updater to the latest build. Program looks frankly awful. See the screenshot from preferences. Tabs look kinda odd, and there's this gray bar at the right side ... Running XP SP2 myself.
  12. You can always be sure and add full exclusions to SAS files in Applications Rules, access them for example via main windows 'Applications under control'.
  13. I tend to support detection of keyloggers too, they have way too many malicious uses to be considered safe. Consider for example home conditions and spousal abuse. Bits from Bill discusses this topic http://billpstudios.blogspot.com/2008/1 ... etter.html
  14. paul, click "Ok". That will add SAS to Trusted Zone with specific notes telling KIS to accept that behaviour, and to not notify about it anymore.
  15. That may be so. However, that doesn't make SAS a solution that catches everything. No offence intended to devs This is just a reality with signature-based protection.
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