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  1. Seth, Yes I've got a call into my tech dept as this is a work computer. However, I have already run a complete scan from safe mode. Twice. with different programs. And they all say 0 infections/viruses found. The symptoms are slow/sluggish windows behavior. Startup takes forever. Sometimes it never fully loads. Constantly almost-crashing behavior, especially when I click from one program to another. Anything that requires a new window or seems to interact with windows explorer in any capacity renders the entire system frozen. It can usually be waited out. 2-3 minutes per click/program, and then it'll "catch up" to itself. I know the system (unless otherwise compromised) is built to handle stuff, as I can run several large memory intensive programs at once and not normally have problems. It seems as if something else is running in the background. I've been running fine for the past few months and then bam, problems. And they seem to be getting worse. Monday it was a brief second or two where it would "catch" between program. yesterday/today I can barely get windows loaded. How the heck I'm on now, I have no idea. Thanks for the reply!
  2. I had some problems some months ago that indicated I had spyware or a virus. Windows Explorer was running sluggish, constantly almost to the crash point when switching from program to program, and things proceded to get worse as it eventually just wouldn't load windows all together. I found SAS, somehow miraculously downloaded it to my laptop, and it cleaned out some nasty little buggers and then my system was fine. I'm now having the same problems as before, but SAS (and the other few virus/spyware programs I have on here) all say 0 infections found, yet I'm still having these same issues. Any other ideas? Thanks!
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