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  1. Hi please feel free to close this thread. The system has now been formatted as on inspection I found him to be using cracked software .
  2. Hi Nick, I do not know the full history of the machine as its a friends but I told him to try and see if the rouge would uninstall. It reported that it did but the popups are driving him mad so I got him to try a SAS scan which came up blank. Therefor I had a quick look with the tools I stated above but found nothing. Is there any info on this beast so I can help him out further? Thanks Nick
  3. Hi does SAS detect SpywareSecure. I've uninstalled the rouge but the machine is still getting popups on what is searched for and the usual offers on a SpywareSecure scan. I scanned with av and checked the machine with PE&Autoruns&Currports and arks all nothing. Regards. vista ultimate
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