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  1. off topic, i have i life time SAS licenses, when version 5 come out do i have to pay again or will be free update for life time licenses users? thanks
  2. i read a few times here that when the new SAS 64 bit where release it will support native 64bit, i just installed on my Win7 x64 and SAS Is running on x32 mode, did i mess something?
  3. yeah you are right i use vista, i guess i will have to wait thanks for you help
  4. is this supposed to be like that, i want to select scan system server but i cant thanks
  5. thank you know the FP Is fix
  6. your welcome, can you please post went you know this is fix thanks
  7. i trying to install Trojan Hunter and SAS real time wont let me, it say that is a Trojan even that i select allow trust item when i try to install again i got the same alert, i download Trojan Hunter from they web site
  8. I just check DFRGUI.EXE on virustotal and came clean, so this one is FP, I Will check the oder 2 tomorrow if i have time
  9. thanks for the help and for the welcome guys i don't use XPize but i use Icon Packager and O&O Defrag Pro i just copy/update my FDefense image back cause i just brought SAS Pro So now i will do custom scan and i will let you guys know i try Ice Sword on my Vista and went i opened i got BSOD again thanks
  10. im trying SAS and today i did a full scan and found this Avira and spyware doctor dint fiend anyting, so thas way i ask if is a FP Trojan.DESKAdp C:\$ISR\1\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DFRGUI.EXE Trojan.Downloader-SNDREC/Fake C:\$ISR\2\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DLLCACHE\SNDREC32.EXE C:\$ISR\2\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SNDREC32.EXE Thanks for you help
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