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  1. I am thinking of ditching my antivirus and Prevx and just running SAS Pro on my main computer when the new version comes out. I dont do any adventourous surfing on this one and have never run into anything but tracking cookies. Do you think this would be all I need?

  2. Greyghost

    I don't work for Superantispyware, but I am a very satisfied user. I am not going to tell you exactly where to go but think porn, piracy, and p2p.

    When I was thinking of using Superantispyware I completely hosed my test computer and then put Superantispyware to work. I was so impressed at how good SAS worked I bought the pro version straight away. In my non testing surfing on my everyday machine the chances are pretty remote I will run into anything but if I do I am totally confident that Superantispyware has got my back.

  3. How many times can you activate on the same computer. The reason I ask is that I do a lot of testing and stuff and reformat often. Also, I have a few Acronis images that I restore to and Superantispyware is installed on them. Will this run my activations out?

    I posted this on another thread but decided to start a new topic with this question.


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