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  1. Hello NIck, Any news? If you need beta testers, I am willing to help. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Will hold back my plan to purchase until it is compatible.
  3. Is Super Ad Blocker compatible with Firefox 3.0.X & Opera 9.5X? I have no problem running it with Internet Explorer 7, but so far no luck with these two. Thank you for your assistance.
  4. Hello Nick, Any updates? Thanks.
  5. Thanks all for the reply! I downloaded it from superantispyware.com My computer's time & date are correct. I will have to investigate further.
  6. I find something weird. The update of definitions went fine (I have the latest Core 3467 Trace 1458 dated 05/22/2008. The "Definitions Updated" was initiated shown correctly as "05/23/2008", however after a reboot, it became "05/20/2008". I have noticed this strange behavior yesterday (I thought it might be one off event, I installed the new version on the day before), but it had happened again today. Anyone have this problem? Thanks.
  7. Thank you, Nick. I certainly look forward to purchase a copy.
  8. Thank you for the reply, I have noticed it from Wilders Security Forum.
  9. I could not find any official SUPERAdBlocker forum, therefore I posted it here. May I know whether there is a beta test for version of SUPERAdBlocker (that does not contain SUPERAntiSpyware)? Thank You.
  10. There seems to be a problem with Definition Database Version : Core : 3383 Trace : 1377. After update, the GUI still shows record as Core : 3382 Trace : 1376. I tried doing a manual definition update & SUPERAntiSpyware Repair, it didn't help.
  11. You didn't follow the instruction correctly (I made the same mistake before). Pay attention to the bold text
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