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  1. Thanks. I actually scoured the internet and found the version I needed, after several futile searches and 4 hours of manually cleaning the registry (to no avail). Reinstalling the old version worked. That tool does look hella useful though and I will snatch it up. Appreciate the response.
  2. WISCDDCBBF1270346BC938BBCC81A1EEAAA_3_7_0_1018.MSI is the file is is trying to find in windows installer, it is looking in the Common Files. It's not there. Help! I don't have the program physically on my machine anymore (I think I screwed up) and am trying to install I cannot find a way to override or bypass this. It keeps telling me I have to unistall the old version but then It continues looking for that file. What can I do? Thanks. Ben
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