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  1. Yep, Intergrate with Vista security center is ticked. Sould I turn off windows defender? Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm runing SAS Pro 4.15 on Vista ultimate 64bit. The issues I have are... 1. First chance prevention options are greyed out (but look ticked) 2. No right click options appear in windows 3. Securety Center says SAS is off but SAS says real time is enabled The 1 I want to know is, Is first chance prevention enabled and working? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just upgraded 1 of my PCs to Vista Ultimate 64bit. I just want to know if SAS will be ok before I install it? Thanks
  4. Just tried the free version of SAS and crashes at the same point. Sorry for the double post. MentalM
  5. Hi, Another thing I just noticed is the CPU usage for SAS. Every second or so it jumps to 9% then back to 0. It does this constantly on the SAS process. I have an Amd FX57 cpu. MentalM
  6. Hi, I just took a look at my processes and for some reason SAS is using nearly 50mb of memory. That cant be right, its just in the taskbar. seems a bit much as AVG used about 8 to 9mb. A mem leak maybe? MentalM
  7. SAS scans fine in safe mode and found just a few tracking cookies. I tried unloading as much as I could in normal mode but it still crashes.
  8. I'm sorry but why do people blame everything else apart from the software that crashes? My PC is VERY stable with no errors, it runs intensive games and other apps with no problems. My AV scans ok and ALL other anti-spyware apps i've tried also scan ok, i'm using AVG AS trial at the moment and its fine. So please dont blame the PC all the time, there could be a problem with SAS. MentalM
  9. I have the same problem with the trial version. The PC will always crash and restart at the exact same point, right near the end of the reg scan. Scans ok in safe mode. I even tried a scan with Kaspersky AV 7 disabled and SAS still reset the PC at the same point I've gone back to AVG AS Free but if this problem gets sorted I will buy SAS as i've heard great things about it. I'm running Win XP Pro with Kaspersky AV 7 and Windowsblinds (tried with that unloaded too), HD has no errors and PC is very stable apart from the SAS crash. MentalM
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