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  1. Actually, Comodo AV is coming along nicely. http://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommen ... 585.0.html It's just a matter of testing from Independent testing organizations. If you're happy with the AV in CIS, Frodo301 then sweet. Cheers, Josh
  2. This was a suprise! Nice! Josh
  3. IMO: SUPERAntispyware Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Avira AntiVir Personal & Maybe even Dr.Web CureIt! These will do the job. All of them kick ass. And Avira tops all in the latest test here: http://www.av-comparatives.org/seiten/e ... 008_08.php
  4. Hello Nick & Team. Here is a review Matt did (IT Pro & Webmaster of remove-malware.com) http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=0A-zNkac2Dc If you watch all parts, You will see SAS can crash when "Terminate Memory Threats" are active. I actually tested this also on a machine with around 3000 malware, SAS Found alot, and then crashed when I had that option checked. I guess in future versions - You could prehaps analyse this and work on it, and improve SAS As always. You guys do a great job! Cheers.
  5. Keep up the great work Nick & Team, For the development, For keeping SAS Free, The Support, etc! You guys do an excellent Job... I have huge respect for all of you! God bless you guys...
  6. 3xist


    Just uncheck the scan cookies option in the Scanning Control Preferences. Thanks Nick! I don't know why I didn't know about it... lol Cheers, Josh
  7. 3xist


    SAS Found some "Tracking Cookies" Which are perfectly harmless. SAS finds the same ones all the time. I am using Firefox 3, and it auto cleans everything (My configuration) and I never browse with IE. I also have to reboot when these cookies are removed, I find it a bit annoying. No other AV or AS detects these cookies. Nick or anyone can you guys let me know how to disable a function in SAS to NOT find these cookies or any other solution? I just wish some time NOTHING was found you know... lol I have always had this minor issue... Everything else is PERFECT... keep up the good work. XP SP3 x32 - COMODO Firewall Pro 3.
  8. SAS & Malware Bytes' are a winning combination IMO.
  9. I saw the version number on the website as "4.15.1000" But when I downloaded it it showed v4.1? & There is no announcement here... so I assume this is the final 4.15 version? Josh
  10. Another new build already? But there isn't any major issues with SAS, right? Wow! Josh
  11. Uninstall Trend. Install Comodo Firewall 3, then Avast! 4.8! LEAVE SAS on your pc off course! Now your all set
  12. Fight! Fight! Fight! JOKING! lol 3xist.
  13. I highly ought 4.1 will be out anytime soon... give it a few months...
  14. I thought you guys turned off the update server/servers for a few weeks as to not flood your server/servers?
  15. Yes... I get same speeds too even with this final build Well V1146 through to this have been a little faster in scanning! 3xist
  16. Don't just thank the SAS "Pro" team, Thanks ALL OF SAS TEAM! and they did a great job developing v4! I don't even think V5 is in BETA testing at the moment in the SAS lab, I think v4.1 is in alpha testing.... V5 is planning right now MEHHH!! we all have our own opinions! Best of luck Nick & Team!
  17. 3xist


    I swear to god ive seen you before, hayc59!
  18. I would say use SUPERAntispyware and Spybot (Because Spybot caught something SAS missed!) and you don't need Ad-aware if you have SAS ) 3xist.
  19. Hi, I got Spybot, Spywareblaster & SAS now only. Why I keep Spybot, Because it found a browser hijacker I have been fighting, that SAS didnt find I found out for a fact Ad-aware is no longer needed ) So Thanks everyone!
  20. Hello, I would like to be a Malware Hunter here I wasnt sure where to go to join though, so sorry Nick if I broke a rule. Just letting you know I would like to join. Thanks.
  21. thanks for your reponses. But I see Ad-aware runs background even when not running, like a service! and its a system hog hmmmm! any ideas! I got back Spybot & Spywareblaster
  22. tks for your response. i will just keep SAS Pro
  23. Hello, I am new here. My IT guy recently came to fix a problem on my pc. He saw I was running Spybot & Ad-aware, Spyware Terminator, AVG Antispyware & Windows Defender. he removed ALL of them, and installed only one antispyware, which was SUPERAntispyware Pro. He told me it was REALLY Good, and is better then spybot and ad-aware. So now I only have Comodo Firewall, Avast Antivirus Free, CCleaner, and this... I am also browsing with Firefox I need your opinions... Especially from the author of SUPERAntispyware. What do you think about this? Did my IT guy do a bad thing? Should I get back Ad-aware and Spybot? Well, Been reading reviews. SUPERAntispyware seems extremely powerful. and I too had a HUGE virus trojan, that ad-aware, spybot and even WEBROOT couldnt REMOVE! SUPERAntispyware removed it from the registry to the tiniest file left! I think I am trusting my IT and only having SUPERAntispyware pro with my AV and Firewall of course! Well... Ive never had a problem since. SUPERAntispyware pro been working very well... I am impressed with the product... I hope this software goes far... soon spybot & ad-aware will be old news... Goodluck to the team! Well, I'm off... Waiting for replys and answers
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