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  1. I have a Windows Home Server (RC1) box on my home network. It monitors all pcs on the network for anti-virus and anti-spyware (and does MUCH more!) After uninstalling Counterspy and installing SAS Pro registered, Windows Home Server won't recognize the presence of antispyware software. If I enable Windows Defender, it's happy. Is there a possibility of looking having SAS Pro do whatever is necessary to have Windows Home Server see it as antispyware? I have used Spyware Doctor, Spy Sweeper, Live One Care, and Counterspy, always one at a time, and Windows Home Server was happy with all. It shouldn't be too hard to fix!! I rebooted several times, before and after entering my reg code and activating, just in case, no joy. Also, are there any drawbacks to running Windows Defender and SAS Pro together? I'm on Vista Ultimate 32 bit on this computer. I'll be trying it that way for a while so I don't have to weather the red Windows Home Server icon/warnings! Thanks Tom
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