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  1. Thanks for that - I just uninstalled SD, reinstalled the Google Pack version, and it "found" one or two other nasties, but not the one i originally posted about. I let it remove the newfound stuff, uninstalled, and reinstalled the trial version - and this time it found nothing!!!! I think I'll stay with SAS
  2. Greetings I installed the trial version of Spyware Doctor to compare it with SuperAntiSpyware, and it says I have a trojan Spy.Banker.AEC. However SuperAntispyware does not find this, and nether does Spybot or Adaware or Nod32. Spyware Doctor won't tell me where it is or let me delete it without subscribing. Is this likely to be real, or is SD one of these that gives false positives to pressure you into buying?
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