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  1. Good call! I've got KIS 7 installed too along with SAS Pro are they both work perfectly together. Incidentally, I found out about SAS pro from reading one of the Kaspersky forums and other users who use the two together.

    Tried Spy Sweeper before but it just slowed by PC right down but using SAS everything's back to being snappy again.

  2. Many thanks for your quicky reply and I'm pleased it wasn't something I hadn't done right.

    Look forward to the future implementation of this. Am about to buy a license.

    Keep up the good work.


    PS. Are you able to just confirm the usual memory usage for SAS? I've checked a few times and it can be 45mb then when I check again it was 70mb. Just curious.

  3. Hi everyone.

    My first post - been using SpySweeper 5.5 the last 5 days (on Vista 32-bit) and this morning it really started to grate with the obvious slowdown it was causing on my PC (which is certainly not a slow rig). The pauses whilst programs opened, the delay after clicking on a favourite links in IE7 and the overall unresponsive made me end up browing the net for about 4 hours looking at reviews/comments and what I could replace it with. Anyway, I'm using KIS7 and saw a forum thread entitled "SuperAntiSpyware" so had a look and the users were saying how well it works alongside KIS7 without any conflicts or system slow downs. So looked through reviews and user comments all over the place and read really goods things about this app.

    So just downloaded and installed the Pro version and so far I am impressed. All the slugglishness has gone and my PC is flying again and this is with realtime protection enabled.

    So I'll give it another day but it seems like you've got yourself another new client. Will purchase a license tomorrow and have already requested a refund from Webroot (I ended up buying SS after reading all the glowing reviews but I'm beginning to think these reviewers either give it such a high rating because it's the norm and/or they get back handers from certain software publishers).

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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