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  1. ran another up to date scan this morning everything ok! I must of "picked up" that second trojan before running the scan yesterday! beginners i tell ya you cant live with them you cant kill them SuperAntiSpy thanks! Seth you are on the money! SAS does rule!
  2. thank for your reply SUPERAntiSpy I think i might have picked up that trojan this morning! Thinking i had the same one i came running Every thing under control for now, thanks very much for your attention
  3. hi guys, went ahead last night and deleted this trojan. today i ran another scan and its back! deleted it again,ran one more scan guess what its back. Is there something im doing wrong? what shall i do? P.S. that vundo variant seems to be gone. please help
  4. Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2007 3:09 pm Post subject: Re: TROJAN DOWNLOADER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPERantispy wrote: Once they are in the Quarantine, they are not longer harmful to your computer - you can leave them in the Quarantine or Remove them from the Quarantine - either way they are no longer infecting your computer. Thank for your quick responce SUPERantispy! I heard that some things you should not delete right away because this act could lead to os damage, am i miss informed? Sorry but im a beginner.
  5. HI, im new to this and have know idea what to do! Scan this morning picked up the following: Vundo variant C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\JKHHG.DLL TROJAN DOWNLOADER-GEN/HITLT QUITLT C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\QOMMKJH.DLL Do i just leave this in quarantine and delete after 1month or so? OR am i in trouble? Thank for your help in advance.
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