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  1. i just updated superantispyware pro to from 5 to 6 on 10 different computers running windows 7 pro and windows 8.1 5 went ok 5 looked like it upgraded but it still says 5.7.106 and looks like the 5 version not the new 6 there has to be a bug if it will not upgrade on 5 different computers and all have their own license number and none of them are related to each other, different clients of mine. I tried it 4 x with reboots- nothing the only way I could get it to upgrade was to go to your website and pick up the trial pro and even when installing it , it hiccupped a few times
  2. i just exluded teamviewer on all my client computers at least till you figure out why this is happening
  3. maybe superantispyware should fix this so it does not happen
  4. I have a bunch of clients on Superantispyware Pro and free, When Superantispyware runs in complete scan, it is crashing the Teamviewer Remote Desktop Program I was on a 2 clients computers doing a full scan (i do this once a month) and all of a sudden I found that I was no longer connected to each of them. I called the client, superantispyware was still running the scan, both clients had internet, I had them open firefox to check but I was not connected to them anymore. They both were able to bring up Teamviewer but nothing worked in it. I waited till the scan was completed, all it found was cookies and asked them to restart the computer Once both computers restarted all was well. Again this happend on two seperate times but it both happened this week so it must be one of the updates of this week that caused it because it had not ever happened before There is also nothing in event viewer to show this robin
  5. I would like to understand why it is not upgrading? and it is not updating on any of the free versions I have on several computers, same update version as I put above. I have the free version on 2 computers and I have the free version on several of my client computers and it is not doing the upgrade either. Also I went to the website and downloaded the Pro version new one, and installed it on top It went funky when it installed, said it did it correctly then closed but no bug in the right bottom of the task bar I tried clicking on the icon- nothing opened so I rebooted the computer and then all was fine I would like to understand why this version is not doing upgrades like all the other ones? and why no one has answered my question
  6. On one of mine and 3 of my client machines (different clients- different pcs ) that are superantispyware pro version 5.6.014, they will not upgrade. I have right clicked and done Check for Updates- but the new version is not offered at all Do I have to go and get the new version and install it on top? robin
  7. don't you dare tell me how to set up stuff, I have been in this business for 20 years, have beta tested software for antispyware and antivirus programs that long also. I do know you cannot run 2 antivirus protections together. MSE was not even on this machine and if you read my post correctly you would see I ran Kingsoft, and if you knew about kingsoft antivirus program you would learn you can run it with another AV- go to the website and see for yourself. As for excluding an antispyware in Superantispyware or visa versa, you should not have to do that. I have been running Superantispyware since it came out and never had to exclude it from the antivirus program or visa versa. The program should just work. and besides the company states it can run along side other antivirus programs so why exlcude it if the company claims there are no problems. Of course if Superantispyware stated it on their help site on their website you need to exclude iits files from being scanned by Avast or another antivirus program of course I would set it up. that way.
  8. After your last update one of my clients had same problem but worse, because Superantispyware quarantined those files that are avast, it crippled avast. I had to repair avast, and when I did, avast claimed Superantispyware was a rootkits and wanted to quarantine it, I wound up uninstalling avast uninstalling Superantispyware , I then put on kingsoft antivirus to make sure the computer was actually clean. Which it was, this was terrible because of this disaster, the computer kept crashing. This is a doctors computer with very important client info on it running Superantispyware pro and avast pro. When I uninstalled avast and reinstalled it since it is a paid version, Superantispyware went nuts, so I had to uninstall both of them and I could not even charge the client because I recommended him to buy Superantispyware , and it was the culprit not avast. This all happened on the dec 21. When I learned the problem was Superantispyware I uninstalled it and reinstalled avast and everything calmed down. I waited until I saw you did an update to fix it and was going to reinstall Superantispyware but my client refused it because this is the second time this has happened, the first was when you put out an update a few months ago and almost all my clients wound up with 300 FP's And worse I now lost this client over this mess So thank you Superantispyware. Before nick sold the company, this hardly ever happened, I really like your program but you need to test these updates before you put them out If this continues to happen I will have no recourse to stop selling it My reputation is at stake here and I cannot loose anymore clients over this Robin
  9. On my windows 8 pro upgrade test computer I am running the free version so I do not see this but I ave a client that has Malwarebytes pro, upgraded his computer to windows 8 and he did not loose his subscription, so maybe it is something that you code in Superantispyware and fix this?
  10. works great on windows 8, both the free and paid version robin
  11. ok,,, do you know what date it will start showing up in the updater?
  12. in fact none of my clients have seen the upgrade popup either all are on 5.5.1022 that is about 40 of them robin
  13. i have not seen it come through the updater yet as of today, when will it be coming? robin
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