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  1. Hello. No troubles (questions), I just wanted to share an experience. After updating to the latest version, my scans would never end. I let one scan run overnight, and aborted it, still in progress, the next morning after over nine and a half hours. After an e-mail conversation with SAS support, it turned out that the problem was the "Use Direct Disk Access" option in the Scanning Control options center. I unchecked that option, and now the scans run normally again. Help forums have assisted me more times than I can even recall, and I wanted to take this opportunity to possibly help others.
  2. Hello. I have an HP Pavilion Desktop PC with Windows XP Home SP2. I have been using SAS pro for many months with no problems at all, until now. I have my scheduled scans set to run early Saturday mornings, about 10-15 minutes after my AV program finishes its scan. The scan starts at 2:40 a.m., and is done well before I wake up on Saturday morning. This last Saturday, my AV program ran its scan as scheduled, but SAS did not. This is the first time that this has ever happened. So, I really didn't think too much of it, and ran the scan manually. All clean. However, now, every morning when I wake my PC, SAS starts running a scan, and I have to manually cancel it. The "trick" that I use to bring my PC out of hibernation on early Saturday mornings so that the scans will run is to use the Windows scheduled tasks feature to open the calculator program 5 minutes before the scans are to start. This has worked perfectly for a very long time. And it worked this last Saturday, too, because as I mentioned previously, my AV program ran its scan as it was supposed to. So, my question (probably obvious by now), is how do I get SAS to stop starting to run a scan automatically every morning when I wake my PC? Thank you to all who take the time to reply. EDIT 3/5/08: Disregard.
  3. rlprlp

    BootSafe tool

    That is an honest, to-the-point, and satisfying answer. I thank you very much for it, Mr. Skrepetos. I am nearly 100% certain that your company can expect a subscription order from me very shortly. As always, thank you for your time.
  4. rlprlp

    BootSafe tool

    May I be perfectly frank with NO intention of offending? I am still quite interested in SAS, but I can't help but wonder... Compared to my wife, I am quite experienced with computers. Compared to many of those who post on forums like these, I am quite a novice. I certainly don't expect (or deserve) any kind of apology. But if the SAS company is going to give me false information, I can't stop being concerned as to what else with this program, that I know nothing about, could render my PC "toast". "There are no dangers..." is simply not true. And if I am wrong, and it is true, I strongly request an explanation. Try to have an open mind; you can't blame me for my concerns. Again, I am still strongly considering SAS; but unless and until this thread is resolved, I very well may continue my current subscription to SpySweeper. And also again: Thank you kindly for your consideration.
  5. rlprlp

    BootSafe tool

    So, are you saying that this information is inaccurate?: http://www.windowsbbs.com/showthread.php?t=64121 (See about 5 or so lines down after his third code sample.)
  6. rlprlp

    BootSafe tool

    Hello. I just joined your forum a few minutes ago, and this is my first post. I'm trying the trial version now,and so far am happy (in other words, will purchase after trial expires, so far). My suggestion is that you stop offering the BootSafe tool, or at least be sure to clearly explain the possible dangers of it. Surely you are well aware of what can happen if an inexperienced user tries to use it on a PC that has had its safe mode disabled by malware (or disabled any other way, for that matter). I have deleted the shortcut to BootSafe in my start menu, to help avoid any good-intentioned "accidents" by another family member. Thank you for your consideration.
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