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  1. Hi Guys , I just installed and ran SAS Free on my sister-in-laws HP Desktop and it found Rogue security Shield ! It quarantined it . Should it be safe to remove it now or should i just delete it ??? Thanks for any help in this matter !!! :cool: Thanks JOEY
  2. Thanks for the info , Robin. regards JOEY
  3. I think i will try the combo of AVG Free (don't really care for Avast or AntiVir) Superantispyware Free Comodo Personal Firewall Pro Free Just was wondering if anyone else on the forum has used this combo on Vista and how is it working out ? Thanks Joey
  4. Anyone use the above combination on Windows Vista ? Thanks JOEY
  5. Hi Guys, Been using Superantispyware FREE (with realtime protection off) with Kaspersky Internet Security 7 for about a year now and KIS subscription is about to expire in couple of months . KIS 7 has worked great just tired of paying for security programs . :0( I've been thinking about trying to go with some free programs , this time around. Can anyone tell me if these (3) programs work well together ? AVG AntiVirus Free Superantispyware Free Comodo Firewall Free Dell Dimension E521 desktop Windows Vista Home Premium 160GB harddrive 2GB RAM Thanks for any input on this matter. regards JOEY
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