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  1. I tried Dr.Web but found myself unable to trust it. Also, its processes were very CPU-friendly but its driver (which "hides" its CPU usage in the "system" process) caused CPU spikes that I could not put up with. I have tried KAV but had serious problems with it. The last version I tried ran OK but the slowdowns were not to my liking. I'm now using AntiVir Premium and have figured out how to avoid it freezing my system. There was a driver conflict of some sort. I have not yet figured out exactly which software/driver was conflicting, since I disabled quite a few of them. In any case, I'm very happy with AntiVir, as it ranks at the top in terms of detection and it hardly affects my system performance at all. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Either that, or maybe I'm just pickier than most people about how AV software affects my system. I guarantee--literally bet my life--that I could use any "regular" (i.e. something short of a mainframe) system running avast with default settings and be able to tell what it's slowing down. I just hate crap like that. The AVs that don't annoy me in that way (NOD32, AntiVir) give me freeze issues. I've spent hours and hours in vendor forums and in Wilders forums. I'm far from the only one who has freezes with NOD32 and/or AntiVir. Maybe I/we have just ONE driver on our systems that don't get along with certain AV software. That's all it would take. Maybe it's my Silicon Image SATA driver... I'm too worn out to keep trying to find out. But it's not memory or a "screwy Windows" install in general. Oh--I installed Norton AntiVirus and I actually like it, except that this one particular directory (named ccSubSDK) is eating up well over 1-GB of space (it compresses to a paltry 515 MB, how lovely). That, and ccSvcHst.exe likes to eat 60-90% of CPU for no apparent reason and at random intervals.
  3. No offense but I hate it when people post replies like that. What can I say? AntiVir freezes my system as sure as the sun shines. The system runs great without AntiVir installed. None taken, but my point is that you've got some issues with your Windows install, or your pc is unstable (hardware wise). Can you complete 2 passes of Memtest86+ and run Prime95 for 12 hours without a single error or lockup? I can (and have) run Prime95 for two days without a problem, and I've run not only memtest86+ overnight with no errors, but several others as well, including the original memtest86 and Microsoft's memory tester. The system runs solid as a rock without NOD32 or AntiVir installed. There is a difference between having a problematic Windows install (I don't), having an unstable system (I don't), and software compatibility. Something on my system doesn't agree with AntiVir; I don't know what it is. Maybe a driver. It's like trying to put diesel fuel in a gasoline engine; it won't work but the problem isn't that the engine is no good or that the diesel fuel is no good, the problem is compatibility between the two.
  4. No offense but I hate it when people post replies like that. What can I say? AntiVir freezes my system as sure as the sun shines. The system runs great without AntiVir installed. I tried their forums, and while the advice offered seemed hopeful at first, it ultimately did no good. Maybe I'll try Dr. Web.
  5. I'm not opposed to running AV software, actually I want to, but I have not found one I can live with. NOD32 and AntiVir give me frequent system freezes. Both have awful support so a solution is hopeless. BitDefender, avast, AVG, and Kaspersky make my system run so slow I find myself fighting the urge to punch a hole in my monitor. I banned all Symantec software from my systems about 8 years ago. And so on. And on. And on.
  6. If the answer was obvious, I guess it was a stupid question. Sorry, I'm not really sure why I asked. I guess because I'm not all that familiar with the range of malware SAS is designed to catch. (I've always hated the "We detect worms but trojans aren't our thang" type of nonsense.)
  7. Sorry to be unclear. To say I am sleep deprived would be a gross understatement. I'm basically asking if SAS alone is enough. But again, I know you probably won't say "Sure! Run without an AV!" I also realize that no one product catches everything... I'm not stupid, just sick of stupid AV products.
  8. cynic


    I was just about to make this same suggestion and fortunately found this post. This very old post.
  9. I was surprised to find that when real-time protection is disabled, the SAS tray icon doesn't change. Please consider changing the tray icon to reflect disabled real-time protection, as it helps one tell at a glance if the protection is enabled (i.e. "Did I remember to turn it back on?"). Maybe some people don't want the icon to change, so perhaps it should be an option.
  10. I don't want any lectures, really. I've tried every AV under the sun and they all either drive me nuts in some way, or give me serious system problems. Lately I've been running without any AV. (Advising me to "Try [product X]" will be a waste of time.) I just installed SAS again and was wondering what opinions are on using SAS alone, with no AV installed. I know the SAS team can't/won't "officially" tell me that's it's advisable to do so, but honestly... What is your take on it? I'm not really sure why I'm asking. I'm going to do it anyway.
  11. I've heard this from a few people now. I just added one more company to the mental list I have of companies I'll never give my business to.
  12. Oh wow, I guess I'd gloat too! Sucks to be me--how hilarious! :lol: It's actually probably that I have a lot more "services" registered than your system does.
  13. You got a 7/7/2007 update? Mine shows Definitions Updated 07/06/2007 at 08:18 PM, and when I check--even just now--it says there are no updates available. It also shows Core: 3266 Trace: 1277.
  14. When I have "Scan system services" enabled, my login and logout times take one or two full minutes. It's SAS, not anything else on my system.
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