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  1. I just wish I didn't have to try and remember to bypass Proxo. I also had trouble getting the current definitions. I got an esoteric error. That too was because I didn't think about having to bypass Proxo.

    Anyhow, I now have the latest version and Avira no longer alerts. :)

    Why remember, just add it to the Bypass List :


    ...And check F/wall allows.

  2. Sure there are several threads and discussions about this, and you are right, Task Manager is not the "Bible" for 'real' memory usage by applications.

    Fact is, on some folks systems, (like mine and b00sfuk's) real-time enabled does impact system performance to some degree. This despite my

    running a reasonably powerful system (even by todays standards) with 2 GB RAM. For instance a r/click scan on a file/folder takes a couple of seconds

    before SAS jumps to the task at hand.

    The spikes occur as soon as I launch SAS from the s/cut on the start menu, and will not cease until intervention as mentioned before.

    Needless to say disabling real-time does not display the symptoms mentioned.

    Anyway I was happy to pay for the upgrade to Pro because I was so pleased

    with the free version !

    Due to moving house, for me the topic is temporarily closed. There are no

    ill feelings and "please stay on the carpet" :D

  3. If you right-click and scan, we scan all files regardless as it is a "forced" scan.

    Ok, thanks for this info but why for eg. when I scan a media file like .mov or .hdmov or other formats does SAS sometimes indicate 0 files scanned,

    instead of 1 file scanned ?

    The CPU 'spikes' also occur when and after an update check is performed, here again they can be eliminated by intervening - eg. opening and closing

    System Properties Window. I don't mind the spikes as such but I can hear :mrgreen: when they occur (maybe the voltage change - no idea), which

    is a bit irritating.

  4. Firstly thanks to the generous special offer with lifetime updates, I have now switched from free to Pro.

    Some minor things however baffle me and I would appreciate forums take on these.

    My system: XP Home SP2; 2GB RAM; Athlon X2 4600+; Primary Active partition C:\ ; SATA WD Raptor; 2nd HDD Seagate SATA.

    Running real-time besides SAS: NOD32; Comodo Pro FW. Other on-demand only: AVGAS, a2.

    1) I have SAS real-time enabled. When scanning either from the context menu or otherwise, CPU spikes (+/- 15>17%) occur every second

    even after scanning has finished and the GUI is closed. To get rid of them while still having real-time enabled, I can for example r/click on

    desktop>Properties and then close this window. The CPU spikes are then laid to rest.

    2) Such spikes also occur sometimes by merely r/clicking tray icon>View Control Center.

    I have seen this behaviour described as normal (see http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthre ... 713&page=2) but is it really?

    3) Scanning .mov;.divx etc. should be fruitless as I have 'Ignore non-executable files' ticked. However scanning from context menu, some show

    0 scanned and others show 1 scanned ?

    Besides the above niggles I have no problems with SAS at all.

    Any ideas/feedback ??

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