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  1. Meaning it will be detected? Pretty much all other vendors detect it.
  2. http://community.ca.com/blogs/securityadvisor/archive/2007/12/20/sears-com-join-the-community-get-spyware.aspx Was just wondering if the fine folks at SAS are aware of this horse manure that Sears is doing?
  3. I think SAS's main drawback, especially with folks like PCMag, is it doesn't detect commercial keyloggers. I for one think if you are an antispyware company, you should detect ALL keyloggers, ANY form of spying program. With that said, SAS does detect the purely malicious keyloggers and screen capturing malware, doesn't it???
  4. Does SAS have heuristics that will in fact catch malware not in the list of definitions, similar to an antivirus product? Is that what the Multi-Dimensional Scanning constitutes? Thanks
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