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  1. SUPERAntispy - You were right, it must have been a trace. Just for the hell of it, I uninstalled and re-installed Spybot and it no longer detects Smitfraud, Torpig, or Virtumond, which were the three it was detecting and couldn't eradicate. It seems that SAS was able to fix all the problems so Spybot is OUT an Superantispyware is IN!! So it gets a huge "thumbs up" from me and having purchased the full edition I would recommend it to all Thanks for your help Ned
  2. Thanks lurkingatu2 - I have seen the site and not being a computer wizz, it didn't mean much My main question now is - Why doesn't SUPERANTISPYWARE detect Smitfraud when Spybot does?????
  3. I am new to the forum so please excuse any seemingly dumb questions. I have been using Spybot which detected Torpig and Smifraud problems and could not fix them. I ran SAS today for the first time and it cleaned about 150 problems - GREAT!!! I then re-ran Spybot and it found Smitfraud again, but this time it was able to fix the problem - or so it said. Lo and behold, I ran Spybot again and Smitfraud re-appears. When I ran SAS, Smitfraud was not on the list of problems that it found. It is my intention to upgrade to the full version, but before I do, is it possible to get some sort of indication as to whether SSS will get rid of Smitfraud?? One last question - I am in Australia so am I correcr in assuming the advertised price on the site in U.S. dollars?? Thanks in anticipation EDIT UPDATE I have purchased and registered the full version - a scan now shows no problems. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC BUT WHY DOES SPYBOT STILL DETECT SMITFRAUD-C. TOOLBAR888 after SAS says all is well???????[/b] Ned
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