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  1. SAS - Thank you so much for taking the time to write. BTW, I use Windows XP-Pro. When you say is that synonymous with no longer operating from the NT kernel (the unhooked aspect)? Which leads me to two questions:1. is my level of protection higher with both options (startup and shutdown) enabled? 2. is there any sense or logic to layering SAS with something else that operates from within the NT kernel? My computer's running smoothly, appears well protected and my memory footprint (versus Spy Sweeper) is cut almost in half from 7MB to 3.7MB (idle w/RTP enabled). Got to love that. Thanks, -P220ST
  2. Presently, I have Real Time Protection enabled as well as First Chance Prevention. Is it redundant to run First Chance Prevention both on system shutdown, then again on system startup? My question stems from the fact that I don't understand if there are discrete types of malicious apps: ones that execute only during system shutdown while others execute only during system startup. Or, is the starup/shutdown option with First Chance Prevention a matter of personal preference as to where you prefer your slower operation? Thanks, -P220ST
  3. sunniebear, Thank you for the clarification. It helps. I must be paranoid as well since I've been running regular sweeps as well from safe mode for the past couple of years (with Spy Sweeper - I'm new to this world) without once uncovering a thing. And I'll probably keep doing it. Take Care, -P220ST
  4. This is between a recommendation and a question Is SAS' First Chance Prevention analogous or different from running Webroot Spy Sweeper from Windows' Safe-Mode? Please elaborate if you have the time. Thanks! Take Care, -P220ST
  5. Seth - Thanks very much. I'm sure this sounds like common sense to you, but it tought me some valuable stuff and learning valuable stuff is like gold to me. And I love gold. and fatdcuk - thank you for the link. I just finished my second trip through it and now I'm going through the secondary level or all the links to the link or . . . there must be a word for it. Who cares, it's great info: thanks! Hey Seth or fatdcuk - here's a non-sequitor for you guys (gals?). I hate Windows Firewall on theoretical grounds, being inbound-only protection and mediocre at that. On the other hand I've gone two and a half years without a truly malicious piece of code infecting my system and I'm online every day. I recently switched from Webroot to SAS to lighten my load (68MB to 37MB RAM w/ real-time enabled - she's faster to boot plus smoother to run). And everything's playing nice as it was before. Given the preceding, would either of you replace Windows Firewall with a competent bi-directional soft firewall? As they say, unexpected threats don't come from history. I wish I'd said that. Take Care, -P220ST (cool forum y'all got going on here)
  6. Following up on SAS' post, do you have an external HDD or external card reader? If so, is it USB, firewire, eSATA or not sure? Do you remember in that last good week before the 1st bad scan: 1. anyone shutting down the computer with a card, like from a camera or whatever in one of the "slots", especially after: **a. uninstalling Norton Anti-virus and/or **b. installing, patching or just running Norton Ghost? 2. Which Windows OS (operating system) were you using? I'm no computer whiz, just a doctor. I mean, in case your appendix is bursting or anything like that - that I can definitely help out with. But back to reality, the only reason I'm interrupting SAS is because this story of yours is bringing back memories. Might just be a coincidence and probably is. But anyway . . . -P220ST
  7. No kidding! What a tease . . . -P220ST
  8. This is sort of a holistic take on the above. Do you feel I've perhaps achieved a better sense of balance with SAS in place of Spy Sweeper for 24/7 real-time protection? To help answer that nebulous question, I'm a modestly well informed computer user, not an IT guy by any means. I practice safe hex: no porn, p2p, file sharing, attachmnet opening or other unsafe practices of which I'm aware. I use a Dell Inspiron 8200 with a 2GHz P4, 1GB RAM, a 60GB 5400 RPM HDD and my biggest vice is streaming audio from Rhapsody (via IE7). Am I balanced? Out of balance? Early this morning the washing machine told me that my load was out of balance and I got nervous . Take Care, -P220ST
  9. Greetings, Like many I use a balanced, layered approach to security. Recently I migrated from Webroot Spy Sweeper to SAS as my real-time signature anti-malware. There were several reasons not the least of which was to lighten my load on 24/7 resource utilization. My dilemma is this. Does the group feel I have left myself vulnerable to getting knocked up by a keylogger? I'm fully aware that SAS does not focus on anti-keylogger technology. If I wanted one product that strove to secure everything I'd have Norton. I'd also have a gun in my mouth but that's another story. Spy Sweeper has a box marked "Keylogger" in the Windows Systems submenu of their "Shields" section, although I never could ascertain what that really meant (in terms of practical protection). Don't get me wrong; this is not an anti-Webroot rant as there are many things I like about Spy Sweeper. I am keeping it around for on-demand sweeps. We like talking about rootkits and keyloggers these days but for real-time defense, what's the reality? What is the consensus? Thanks for taking the time to read my first post! Take Care, -P220ST
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